Glytch Shaker Sample Pack

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Not sure what flavour of Glytch to get? Need a new shaker to mix your Glytch with?
How about both?
The shaker sample pack comes in 2 awesome colours, black or white and each shaker cup comes with 7 single serve sachets of Glytch!

In Game energy formula, every second counts!
  • Processing Speed
  • Increased Memory
  • Stamina Boost
  • Lazer Focus

Featuring 5 awesome blends to take you to the Level

Glytch Performance Blend
Amino acids to aid in stamina and endurance

Glytch Energy Blend
Ingredients to boost energy including caffeine

Glytch Focus Blend
Amino acids to aid focus and concentration

Glytch Ocular Blend
Aid eye health

Glytch Antioxidant Complex
blend of 11 fruit extracts