Dragon Ball Super TCG - Cross Spirits Booster Box

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Unison Warrior Series Set 5

A new gameplay mechanic that expands and powers up the whole UW Series enters the fray! Unison Warrior Series -Boost-! This new mechanic will broaden the use of Unison Cards and will introduce different moves that players haven't seen before!

The main theme for Set 5 is "Cross Spirits"! Based on the famous scenes from the Dragon Ball Series, sending, sharing and absorbing Ki, a new skill, "Spirit Boost" makes its debut! Experience the new battle style with your Unison Cards!


  • 12x cards per booster pack
  • 24x booster packs per booster box


The Unison Warrior Series Set 5 breakdown features:

  • Total: 292 types
    • Common: 60 types (normal/holo ver.)
    • Uncommon: 38 types (normal/holo ver.)
    • Rare: 30 types (normal/holo ver.)
    • Super Rare: 23 types
    • Special Rare: 10 types
    • Secret Rare: 3 types

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